thursday thirteen #3

i found this over at this blog who found it over at this blog and thought it was pretty funny so i decided to make it my thursday thirteen.
what you do is do a google search by saying “tracie needs” and see what you come up with. except for when you do it you will need to use your own name. unless your name is tracie and then you should use, well, your name. so here it goes:

tracie needs:

1. a breakthrough.
2. a date
3. our help NOW
4. three tools to get started on a retirement plan
5. to be pushed
6. a new cover for the pad on top of her grandmother’s cedar chest
7. to come back because she has a voice that is god given (probably the funniest of all of them)
8. to forget about eric (who’s eric, see i’ve already forgotten about him)
9. to go to chuckle school doesn’t she
10. profile views
11. to consume 2650 Kcals
12. a dress
13. to take a vacation

i find it pretty funny that breakthrough was #1 and a date was #2. could it be i need a breakthrough in getting a date? so, go do it for yourself and come back here and tell me the #1 thing google says you need.


4 responses to “thursday thirteen #3

  1. Like I didn’t know it already…

    Journeywoman needs…a new life!!!

  2. …time off.

    seriously. that’s what it said.

    so… i took tomorrow off.

  3. To come back….(wonder where I went?)

  4. so fun! I did this a while back on my blog as well. It was interesting to see what the search came up with.

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