last night

last night was a good night. and b/c i know you all are on the edge of your seat wondering why it was a good night, well, i will tell you.

1. i got to celebrate my roomies 30th birthday with her and several of other friends at the bowling alley. and i bowled pretty decent the first game. i think i scored like 137. that’s good for me. we also had some yummy chocolate cupcakes and took lots of pictures. i didn’t take pictures though b/c my camera is broken.

2. oregon state beat #1 usc. usc won’t be #1 for long.

3. the office returned to us last night. and here is a taste of what we say, in case you didn’t get to see it.

what did you do last night?


2 responses to “last night

  1. “fat people are not monsters”

    hahahaa! I watched the office, duh!:)

  2. oh wait, this is ashley– not reid!!

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