what up?

i’ve probably lost all my readers (all four of you) since i haven’t posted since the beginning of october. i’m not really sure how it happened but i apparently decided to take a break from blogging. i haven’t even been on to read other people’s blogs. i kind of became obsessed with it and really needed to back off a little. not much has been going on with me. i was in a wedding yesterday for two of my closest friends. that’s pretty rare, being close with both the bride and groom. and i had some of my closest friends who were in the wedding party with me. super good times. i had MANY favorite moments from the weekend. one of my favorite’s was at the rehearsal dinner when everyone was sharing stories about gulie (gavin & julie). it was heart warming to hear all the different things people had to say about them. that small room was full of a lot of love for those two. and then my other favorite moment is when their parents and a few others gathered around the two of them at the ceremony to pray for them. it really was just a beautiful moment for me. seeing the two families joined in that way. i loved being able to be a witness to that.
i turned 34 today. kind of a weird age. at least i can still say for one more year that i’m in my early 30s. sweet little emma jo called me this morning to sing happy birthday to me. there isn’t anything more precious than having a two-year-old sing to you.
anyways, that’s about all. kind of a boring post but i needed to write something to get me motivated to get back in to it. ttyl.


3 responses to “what up?

  1. The Cottingham Family

    Happy Birthday Tracie!!!!!!
    The Cottingham Family

  2. AWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been missing you….

    HAPPY 34th B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    May you have many more (and many more BLOGS TOO!!)

  3. Oh, I’m late with this but…

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