my office

so i have a new phone. it’s a blackjack or crackjack, whichever you prefer. so, you might be seeing more pictures added to my posts b/c i’m a little out of control right now. i thought that today i would show you some pics of my “cubby”. it’s more of a work space b/c it’s bigger than a normal cubicle. it won’t be like this for long. sometime this month we are having some renovations done to our office and i have a feeling our “workspaces” are going to turn in to workholes. i don’t think they are going to be very big. and the walls won’t be as high, which makes me sad. b/c voices already carry so much around here. but, whatev, you do what you gotta do, right? ok, so below are some pics of my workspace.

this is the view from the entrance to my office:

this is the opposite view:

this is my desk:

close-up of desk (see i actually do work):

so there you have it. your life is better b/c you’ve seen my workspace. i’m not sure why, but it is.


8 responses to “my office

  1. My question is did you tidy up your little space before you took the pictures and what does it REALLY look like?

  2. Believe it or not, it actually looks like this for the most part. I know, hard to believe. Hey, I can’t wait to see you this Saturday night!!!!!! Do y’all still do the gift thing?

  3. I’m sure there’s a picture of me somewhere in your workspace. :):):)

  4. why yes, there is annie. it’s right next to my Jesus picture. don’t you see it?

  5. i like your workspace

  6. i want to see pics of the new ride!!

  7. I am always searching for recent informations in the WWW about this topic. Thanx!

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