tacky Christmas outfit

i love the idea of a tacky Christmas sweater party. it’s always a tricky thing though. you really start treading on unsafe waters when you do this b/c you never want to offend anyone. you know? you don’t want to come to a party wearing what you feel is a tacky sweater and then have someone tell you that they actually own the same sweater. or you don’t want to walk up to someone and say “hey, great tacky sweater”, only to have them tell you that they aren’t participating in the tacky sweater festivities. oops. that almost happened to me last week but i think i saved myself. i talk of tacky sweater parties b/c we had something of the sort at our office Christmas party. we actually took it a step further and had a “tacky Christmas OUTFIT” contest. we only had about five or six people participate. but it was fun. i actually made my own outfit:


what you can’t see is my jeans stuffed into my black cowboy boots. the contraption around my waist is a table runner that i bought at family dollar. the bows are actually hot glued onto my shirt. i felt that if anything i should get the “best homemade outfit”. right?
well, there was actually an award for the best tacky outfit. a tacky award:


don’t you love it? kelly made it. we figured the award should be fitting to the contest. okay, so i know the suspense is killing you. drum roll please…………………………….. and the winner is……………………

yep, you got it. it was a tie b/w me and kelly. if you know me at all, you know that i was not happy with a tie. i started to protest but kelly said she didn’t mind sharing and so i of course was not going to act like i felt any differently. a tie? share? what kind of lame contest is that? i kid, i kid. but seriously? just wait until next year……there will be NO tie.


3 responses to “tacky Christmas outfit

  1. Oh you WIN hands down!! I mean you actually wore something tacky…she just put on scrubs…you WIN!

  2. yeah, it totally just looks like she has on christmas scrubs. what’s tacky about that?

  3. Wait a minute… That looks just like my favorite sweater! Now I’m REALLY offended!

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