i am so super duper excited about this post. i’m always coming across other blogs who give away great, fun stuff. and i always wish that i had something to give away. another thought that i have is that i don’t have enough readers to really do a good giveaway. it would end up being between the five people who actually read my blog. i was out Christmas shopping the other day and i purchased something at lifeway. well, i actually received a free gift for something that i bought. and this morning i was trying to think of who i can give it to and then it hit me…….this is your chance to finally do a GIVEAWAY. woo hoo!!!!!!! so……..i hope that someone reads this and really wants this product:


it is an audio of the gospel of john. but it’s not just an ordinary audio bible. this is “the word of promise next generation” dramatic audio bible read by an all-star cast. some of the people lending their voices to this project is jordin sparks, cody linley, corbin bleu, andrew lawrence and alyson stoner. this would be great for a young teen. i do wish that it was the entire new testament but the book of john is all i have for you. if you wish to purchase the whole thing you can go to lifeway’s site to purchase it. there is also an adult version that you can purchase here.

ok. so here is what you need to do. go to lifeway’s website, browse around and then come back to this post to leave me a comment about what you would order from their store. you will have until dec. 29 at noon to leave a comment. i would end it sooner but i’ll be out of town until then and not sure of my internet access. so, get to it. leave me a comment. and i’ll pick some fun and creative way to pick the winner. i promise it will be random and non-biased. ooh, and if you write a post about it on your own blog, let me know and i’ll give you an extra entry into the contest. YAY!!!!


3 responses to “MY FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!!!!!

  1. Hi Tracie,
    I would order/buy Fireproof.
    Merry Christmas

  2. I think I would like to read the Shack ~ and lifeway would be a good place to buy it.

  3. Okay, I have picked a winner but I’m not going to announce it until tonight. I had a little fun with how I picked the winner and will need to upload some pics but I’m at work and can’t do that right now. I will post about it tonight……..don’t you just love the suspense?

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