and the winner is….

ok, so the wait is over. all TWO of you can wait no more. i have picked a winner for the next generation audio of the gospel of john. i posted a few days ago about my first giveaway. i was so excited to being doing my first giveaway. and i still am excited but i was hoping for a few more entries. but that’s okay. it just gives the TWO people who did enter a better chance. maybe if i updated my blog more i would have more readers and thus more entries into my giveaways. but whatev. ok, so i thought instead of just saying who won, i would lead you through the process of me picking the winner. so, here it goes.
here are the numbers, #1 & #2


here are the numbers again, folded up:


here are the numbers being dropped into the cup (childcare resources, represent):


here are both the numbers inside the cup:


here is me shaking up the cup. must make sure the numbers are REALLY mixed up:


and here is me drawing from the cup to pick the winner:




CONGRATS TO JOHANNAH!!!!! sorry to the other entries entry, sweet laurie. johannah if you will email me your mailing address, i’ll send it to you ASAP. once again, congrats. email me at


One response to “and the winner is….

  1. Thank you …. I really wanted this prize — and that’s why I entered, and therefore, pleased and honored to have won. Sorry Sweet Laurie.

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