food, fun and more food

kesha came to visit lori and i this past saturday. you just don’t realize how much you miss someone and the fun that you have with them until you see them again. kesha left the life of a single girl a year ago and then moved to huntsville with her husband, shawn. sniff, sniff. i sniff at the moving part not the getting married part. anywho, she came to visit and we ended up spending our day the same way we always did: with food and card playing. after lori FINALLY arrived at my apartment 🙂 we made our way over to lakeshore to one of our favorites places to eat together: taco casa. we were really sad to see the one on 280 shut down. taco casa is a staple in tuscaloosa. that is where we each discovered our love for their beefy nachos! here is a pic of our full and happy faces after lunch:


we scooted over to old  navy to make a few purchases and then we headed back to my apartment to play some cards. kesha is the only other girl i know that is as competitive (probably even more competitive) as me when it comes to games. we ended up playing this game called “11 on the corner”. it requires 4 decks of cards. it’s similar to “canasta” if you’ve ever played that. it took us all day to play:


shhh….don’t tell anyne what i have.


  you got to know when to hold ’em, lori, know when to fold ’em   


  ke ke on the phone trying to cheat and get tips from shawn. face it kesha, i’m going to beat you

about mid-way thru the game we decided on a starbucks run. we talked kesha into getting a salted, caramel hot chocolate and she hated it. she doesn’t like chocolate. did you even hear what i just said? SHE DOESN’T LIKE CHOCOLATE!!!!! who is this girl? what girl doesn’t like chocolate? it’s beyond my abilities to understand. so, she went back and got her chai, vanilla latte or something crazy like that.


check out the shadow of the cross above lori’s head. this starbucks trip was divinely appointed, we just know it.


i would like a tall, hot, passion tea please. thank you. too bad i’m like two and kept spilling it on my hand. too bad they have that warning on the cup, b/c i would be so much richer right now 🙂

we went back to the apt and finished off our game. i swept the floor with lori and kesha. i’m not even sure why they even attempt to play me in cards……..ok, so out of the fear of getting struck by lightening right now, i must tell the truth. kesha won. just like always. when we lived together we kept a record on a dry erase board of the games the two of us would play. it was ridiculous how many games she beat me in. luckily, i own that board and the tally has been erased for eternity. after our all day game of “11 on the corner” we decided on dinner:


taziki’s chicken feast……it doesn’t get much better than that, does it kesha?

i really had a good time hanging out with two of the most awesomest women i know. i love you two more than my luggage. can’t wait to do it again.


One response to “food, fun and more food

  1. Um, Lori’s hair is getting very long. I did not know that because she NEVER updates her blog anymore. 🙂 I do not know Kesha but I suspect we never met because SHE DOES NOT LIKE CHOCOLATE. I’m with you… what girl doesn’t like chocolate?!?!?

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