my Jesus year

i am bound and determined that 2009 is going to be the best year of my life. i am going to wake up everyday with the expectation that the Lord is going to do amazing things. i am so excited to discover the dreams and visions that God put in my heart so long ago. i really think i have allowed time to go by and that i have forgotten about specific desires and dreams that He gave me. i’ve made a promise to Him to rediscover those dreams and to rediscover why created me in the first place. but i do know that none of this will happen by me just sitting on my rear, waiting on Him to show up. i know that i need to be intentional with my relationship with Jesus and that is what i plan on doing.

one of the ways i plan to do this is really digging deep into the Word. there is nothing more comforting to me than scripture but i just don’t know enough of it. i want to be able to think of specific scripture when facing a certain situation. my plan is to not only read my bible more but to really memorize and meditate on it. i was over at beth moore’s blog, living proof ministries, and she is facilitating a group of women who are committed to the Word this year. i am so excited. really all her blog will do is hold us accountable. and there is no condemnation but she is committed to holding us to really spending time in the bible. you can read about the “idea” at this post and to sign up you will have to hop on over to this post. and don’t worry, it’s not too late. definitely go to her blog and check it out. what it boils down to is that you commit to memorize two scriptures a month. and you go to beth’s blog twice a month and comment on which verses you are memorizing. you choose your own scripture. but what i think is cool is that you get to see what everyone else is memorizing. i’m super stoked about it. i’d love for some of you to join me. the verse that i’ve chosen for the first part of january is isaiah 33:6….

“this day, He will be your sure foundation. providing a rich store of salvation, wisdom and knowledge. the fear of the Lord will be your treasure.”

i just thought that would be a great one to start the year out with. if you decide to do this with me, i’d love to hear what your verses are. either way, take the time to search His Word. i think you will be amazed at what God wants to show you……


2 responses to “my Jesus year

  1. Hey, you havent posted in forever. are you still fasting?

    • No I haven’t been fasting the blog. Just hadn’t had time and then have just not been posting. I’m trying to get back to it. I haven’t been reading people’s blogs either. I’m playing catch up now.

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