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my Jesus year

i am bound and determined that 2009 is going to be the best year of my life. i am going to wake up everyday with the expectation that the Lord is going to do amazing things. i am so excited to discover the dreams and visions that God put in my heart so long ago. i really think i have allowed time to go by and that i have forgotten about specific desires and dreams that He gave me. i’ve made a promise to Him to rediscover those dreams and to rediscover why created me in the first place. but i do know that none of this will happen by me just sitting on my rear, waiting on Him to show up. i know that i need to be intentional with my relationship with Jesus and that is what i plan on doing.

one of the ways i plan to do this is really digging deep into the Word. there is nothing more comforting to me than scripture but i just don’t know enough of it. i want to be able to think of specific scripture when facing a certain situation. my plan is to not only read my bible more but to really memorize and meditate on it. i was over at beth moore’s blog, living proof ministries, and she is facilitating a group of women who are committed to the Word this year. i am so excited. really all her blog will do is hold us accountable. and there is no condemnation but she is committed to holding us to really spending time in the bible. you can read about the “idea” at this post and to sign up you will have to hop on over to this post. and don’t worry, it’s not too late. definitely go to her blog and check it out. what it boils down to is that you commit to memorize two scriptures a month. and you go to beth’s blog twice a month and comment on which verses you are memorizing. you choose your own scripture. but what i think is cool is that you get to see what everyone else is memorizing. i’m super stoked about it. i’d love for some of you to join me. the verse that i’ve chosen for the first part of january is isaiah 33:6….

“this day, He will be your sure foundation. providing a rich store of salvation, wisdom and knowledge. the fear of the Lord will be your treasure.”

i just thought that would be a great one to start the year out with. if you decide to do this with me, i’d love to hear what your verses are. either way, take the time to search His Word. i think you will be amazed at what God wants to show you……


and the winner is….

ok, so the wait is over. all TWO of you can wait no more. i have picked a winner for the next generation audio of the gospel of john. i posted a few days ago about my first giveaway. i was so excited to being doing my first giveaway. and i still am excited but i was hoping for a few more entries. but that’s okay. it just gives the TWO people who did enter a better chance. maybe if i updated my blog more i would have more readers and thus more entries into my giveaways. but whatev. ok, so i thought instead of just saying who won, i would lead you through the process of me picking the winner. so, here it goes.
here are the numbers, #1 & #2


here are the numbers again, folded up:


here are the numbers being dropped into the cup (childcare resources, represent):


here are both the numbers inside the cup:


here is me shaking up the cup. must make sure the numbers are REALLY mixed up:


and here is me drawing from the cup to pick the winner:




CONGRATS TO JOHANNAH!!!!! sorry to the other entries entry, sweet laurie. johannah if you will email me your mailing address, i’ll send it to you ASAP. once again, congrats. email me at


i am so super duper excited about this post. i’m always coming across other blogs who give away great, fun stuff. and i always wish that i had something to give away. another thought that i have is that i don’t have enough readers to really do a good giveaway. it would end up being between the five people who actually read my blog. i was out Christmas shopping the other day and i purchased something at lifeway. well, i actually received a free gift for something that i bought. and this morning i was trying to think of who i can give it to and then it hit me…….this is your chance to finally do a GIVEAWAY. woo hoo!!!!!!! so……..i hope that someone reads this and really wants this product:


it is an audio of the gospel of john. but it’s not just an ordinary audio bible. this is “the word of promise next generation” dramatic audio bible read by an all-star cast. some of the people lending their voices to this project is jordin sparks, cody linley, corbin bleu, andrew lawrence and alyson stoner. this would be great for a young teen. i do wish that it was the entire new testament but the book of john is all i have for you. if you wish to purchase the whole thing you can go to lifeway’s site to purchase it. there is also an adult version that you can purchase here.

ok. so here is what you need to do. go to lifeway’s website, browse around and then come back to this post to leave me a comment about what you would order from their store. you will have until dec. 29 at noon to leave a comment. i would end it sooner but i’ll be out of town until then and not sure of my internet access. so, get to it. leave me a comment. and i’ll pick some fun and creative way to pick the winner. i promise it will be random and non-biased. ooh, and if you write a post about it on your own blog, let me know and i’ll give you an extra entry into the contest. YAY!!!!


i’m sure this has never happened to any of you, but yesterday, i was sitting in my car writing down some things that i thought the Lord was showing me. and i guess in a way He was b/c it ended up leading me to what He really was trying to tell me. but i was so sure of what He was teaching me. i was so wrong. like i said, i’m sure thats never happened to any of you. unfortunately, it happens to me all the time. i started thinking about balance. and in my mind i was telling myself how everything has balance. and that its not always easy trying to find that balance. i’ve been trying to work through a particular situation with God and in doing so, asking Him how i find the healthy balance b/w what i was feeling about it and the reality of the situation. b/c they don’t agree with each other. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve revisited this conversation with Him. and through tears and questioning, i really have agonized over it all. only to always end up just as frustrated as i started out. so yesterday, i find myself there, again. and in mid-scribble, the Lord just drops a verse in my mind. “so, because you are lukewarm – neither hot nor cold – i am about to spit you out of my mouth.” Revelation 3:16. disclaimer: i didn’t know the location of this verse off the top of my head. thank you to my scholarly friends. you know who you are. so i read this verse, and i just start laughing b/c its then clear to me what the Lord is trying to tell me. i had a moment of gentle rebuking. tough stuff but good stuff. somethings do have a balance and its okay to work with that. but not with God. He doesn’t want me to be riding the fence. with Him and with His plans and purpose for me, there is no fine line. i’m either with Him or not with Him. His word says that He’d rather me cold than lukewarm. He doesn’t want anything to do with it. i kept telling Him that i knew it was how He wanted things and i could accept that but then i would think about my feelings and thoughts about it all and ask Him if i feel this way and if its what He wants then why aren’t my feelings changing. pretty funny, right? i sit here, shaking my head and rolling my eyes and asking myself, “really?”. anyway, God was like, “no, bump that. thats not how I play and you know it. get over it. you either want what I want for you or you don’t. you can’t have both.” alrighty then…it was good times, let me tell ya. and check this out, i found this interesting. that particular verse came from a letter that John wrote to the church in laodicea. after a vision from Jesus he wrote letters to 7 churches. in his letters he commended some for some good things they’ve been doing and rebuking some for some not so good things. the church in laodicea is the only church that he didn’t commend for anything. i don’t know, i found this interesting. they refused to take a stand and this created idleness that was displeasing to God……just something to chew on…..thanks for letting me share.

be careful what you ask for

b/c you just might get it. i think it was tuesday night, i was sitting out on my deck. ok, so it’s not so much a deck. it’s a balcony, but whatever. i was sitting out there reading and talking to God. i desperately wanted a word from Him. and not on anything in particular but just wanted Him to speak to me whatever it was that He wanted to tell me. and so i asked Him to give me a verse. well, a scripture popped in my head and so i proceeded to turn to it. it was ezekiel 5:11. go and read it and then come back and have a laugh with me. the thing is, it couldn’t be any closer to the truth. ugh!!!!