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compassion as i know it

compassion: sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it. this is websters definition of the word. i witnessed this word lived out in a time span of two weeks with 40 something other people in tanzania, africa. i can’t think of a better fitting name for the organization that we traveled with: compassion international. i learned the meaning of compassion through the compassion staff that we met. i miss them as much as i miss the children. i take comfort in knowing that the children we met are in good hands. i can only hope to love my job as much as they clearly love theirs. there are so many thoughts pressed upon my heart and i’m still sorting through them all. as i figure them out i will no doubt write more. one thing is for sure: compassion will forever be a part of my life in some form or fashion. i thought i’d share some photos that give a glimpse into the compassion we now have for africa. enjoy.

Tanzania 2009 224

Tanzania 2009 069

Tanzania 2009 214

Tanzania 2009 212


my office

so i have a new phone. it’s a blackjack or crackjack, whichever you prefer. so, you might be seeing more pictures added to my posts b/c i’m a little out of control right now. i thought that today i would show you some pics of my “cubby”. it’s more of a work space b/c it’s bigger than a normal cubicle. it won’t be like this for long. sometime this month we are having some renovations done to our office and i have a feeling our “workspaces” are going to turn in to workholes. i don’t think they are going to be very big. and the walls won’t be as high, which makes me sad. b/c voices already carry so much around here. but, whatev, you do what you gotta do, right? ok, so below are some pics of my workspace.

this is the view from the entrance to my office:

this is the opposite view:

this is my desk:

close-up of desk (see i actually do work):

so there you have it. your life is better b/c you’ve seen my workspace. i’m not sure why, but it is.

secret santa

does anyone else do secret santa at their place of employment? i love secret santa. i think what i like most about it is trying to figure out who has who. well, i’ve had a great secret santa this year. they have showered me with all kinds of goodies. the m&m’s are dark chocolate peanut. omg, they are so good. and there was another candy bar but i’ve already eaten it. i thought i’d share with you what i’ve received so far. it shall be revealed this friday who had who.

true love

phil wickham’s new album, “singalong”, is great. and that is a huge understatement. this is my favorite song on the album. i thought i’d leave it here for your enjoyment. you are welcome.

week 2 picks

so we are heading in to the second week of football. i’ve made my picks and there is no turning back. well actually, i have until tomorrow morning to change any second thoughts i’ve had. but i’m not doing it. i’m sticking to my guns. last week i made some last minute changes and i ended up kicking myself in the tush b/c of it. so, here are my picks for the week. my picks are in bold. any thoughts?

navy vs. duke
toldedo vs. east michigan
iowa state vs. iowa
california vs. maryland
ucla vs. byu
vs. notre dame
oregon vs. purdue
georgia tech vs. virginia tech
georgia vs. south carolina
air force vs. houston
stanford vs. tcu
(boo) vs. mississippi state
virginia vs. connecticut
vs. washington (this is our “dare” game but i just can’t go with the underdog this time)
ohio state vs. usc
wisconsin vs. fresno state (bonus game, correct pick earns you 2 pts.)

oakland vs. kansas city
green bay
 vs. detroit
tennessee vs. cincinatti
chicago vs. carolina
indianapolis vs. minnesota
ny giants vs. st. louis
new orleans vs. washington
buffalo vs. jacksonville
atlanta vs. tampa bay
san francisco vs. seattle
new england vs. ny jets (bonus game)
baltimore vs. houston
san diego
vs. denver
miami vs. arizona
vs. cleveland
philadelphia vs. dallas

i’d love to know what your picks are. any teams you disagree with me on?

week 1 picks

i intended to post my picks on saturday so you could see them before the games but saturday ended up being busier than i anticipated. i had to work until 12:30 and then i babysat until about 5. i ended up babysitting two toddlers and two infants. it was fun. i can’t wait to be a mom.
okay so my picks started out pretty well. i did pretty decent in the college games. i sucked it up pretty bad in the nfl. ugh. and there were a few games that i changed my picks on and i shouldn’t have. from now on, i will go with my gut. there are about 130 people playing in this picks group. there are 7 people that i know who are playing: scott, kelli, kesha, lori, dixie, stacie and brian. the goal is to make it in the top 5 each week but also to beat these 6 people. not exactly how it turned out this first week. right now i’m tied with 7 other people for 111th place. really? ugh. stupid nfl. ok. listed below were the games we had to choose from. the teams in bold are who i picked to win. the teams that are crossed through are who lost.

akron vs. syracuse (i originally picked akron and changed it. ugh.)
miami (oh) vs. michigan
vs. temple
georgia tech vs. boston college
vs. washington (even though i think wash. got the raw end of the deal, i’m glad byu won)
oregon st vs. penn st.
air force vs. wyoming
ole miss vs. wake forest
san diego st. vs. notre dame
cincinnati vs. oklahoma
west virginia vs. east carolina (i almost changed this pick, so glad i didn’t)
south florida vs. central florida
northwestern vs. duke
kent vs. iowa st.
minnesota vs. bowling green (this was our bonus game. if you pick the correct team you earn 2 pts.)
miami vs. florida (this was our dare game. if miami had won and you picked them you earn 4 pts. i typicaly pick the dare)

i picked 12 correct picks out of 16 games.

jacksonville vs. tennessee
houston vs. pittsburgh
cincinnati vs. baltimore
st. louis vs. philadelphia
tampa bay
vs. new orleans
kansas city vs. new england
vs. atlanta
seattle vs. buffalo
new york vs. miami
carolina vs. san diego
arizona vs. san francisco
vs. cleveland
chicago vs. indianapolis
vs. green bay (plays tonight)
denver vs. oakland (plays tonight)

so far i have 5 correct picks out of 15 games.

as far as the 7 friends i mentioned above, here are how they are ranked:
kesha #3
brian #12
dixie #53
lori #53
scott #93
kelli #93
me #111
stacie #118

how was your weekend of football? any surprises?

more free music

these artists are crazy. just givin’ their music away. I LOVE IT. and i believe b/c of it they will be blessed beyond measure. j.j. heller is actually someone i’ve never listened to. very different/unique. great lyrics. go check her out.

click HERE to download.