food, fun and more food

kesha came to visit lori and i this past saturday. you just don’t realize how much you miss someone and the fun that you have with them until you see them again. kesha left the life of a single girl a year ago and then moved to huntsville with her husband, shawn. sniff, sniff. i sniff at the moving part not the getting married part. anywho, she came to visit and we ended up spending our day the same way we always did: with food and card playing. after lori FINALLY arrived at my apartment 🙂 we made our way over to lakeshore to one of our favorites places to eat together: taco casa. we were really sad to see the one on 280 shut down. taco casa is a staple in tuscaloosa. that is where we each discovered our love for their beefy nachos! here is a pic of our full and happy faces after lunch:


we scooted over to old  navy to make a few purchases and then we headed back to my apartment to play some cards. kesha is the only other girl i know that is as competitive (probably even more competitive) as me when it comes to games. we ended up playing this game called “11 on the corner”. it requires 4 decks of cards. it’s similar to “canasta” if you’ve ever played that. it took us all day to play:


shhh….don’t tell anyne what i have.


  you got to know when to hold ’em, lori, know when to fold ’em   


  ke ke on the phone trying to cheat and get tips from shawn. face it kesha, i’m going to beat you

about mid-way thru the game we decided on a starbucks run. we talked kesha into getting a salted, caramel hot chocolate and she hated it. she doesn’t like chocolate. did you even hear what i just said? SHE DOESN’T LIKE CHOCOLATE!!!!! who is this girl? what girl doesn’t like chocolate? it’s beyond my abilities to understand. so, she went back and got her chai, vanilla latte or something crazy like that.


check out the shadow of the cross above lori’s head. this starbucks trip was divinely appointed, we just know it.


i would like a tall, hot, passion tea please. thank you. too bad i’m like two and kept spilling it on my hand. too bad they have that warning on the cup, b/c i would be so much richer right now 🙂

we went back to the apt and finished off our game. i swept the floor with lori and kesha. i’m not even sure why they even attempt to play me in cards……..ok, so out of the fear of getting struck by lightening right now, i must tell the truth. kesha won. just like always. when we lived together we kept a record on a dry erase board of the games the two of us would play. it was ridiculous how many games she beat me in. luckily, i own that board and the tally has been erased for eternity. after our all day game of “11 on the corner” we decided on dinner:


taziki’s chicken feast……it doesn’t get much better than that, does it kesha?

i really had a good time hanging out with two of the most awesomest women i know. i love you two more than my luggage. can’t wait to do it again.


and the winner is….

ok, so the wait is over. all TWO of you can wait no more. i have picked a winner for the next generation audio of the gospel of john. i posted a few days ago about my first giveaway. i was so excited to being doing my first giveaway. and i still am excited but i was hoping for a few more entries. but that’s okay. it just gives the TWO people who did enter a better chance. maybe if i updated my blog more i would have more readers and thus more entries into my giveaways. but whatev. ok, so i thought instead of just saying who won, i would lead you through the process of me picking the winner. so, here it goes.
here are the numbers, #1 & #2


here are the numbers again, folded up:


here are the numbers being dropped into the cup (childcare resources, represent):


here are both the numbers inside the cup:


here is me shaking up the cup. must make sure the numbers are REALLY mixed up:


and here is me drawing from the cup to pick the winner:




CONGRATS TO JOHANNAH!!!!! sorry to the other entries entry, sweet laurie. johannah if you will email me your mailing address, i’ll send it to you ASAP. once again, congrats. email me at


i am so super duper excited about this post. i’m always coming across other blogs who give away great, fun stuff. and i always wish that i had something to give away. another thought that i have is that i don’t have enough readers to really do a good giveaway. it would end up being between the five people who actually read my blog. i was out Christmas shopping the other day and i purchased something at lifeway. well, i actually received a free gift for something that i bought. and this morning i was trying to think of who i can give it to and then it hit me…….this is your chance to finally do a GIVEAWAY. woo hoo!!!!!!! so……..i hope that someone reads this and really wants this product:


it is an audio of the gospel of john. but it’s not just an ordinary audio bible. this is “the word of promise next generation” dramatic audio bible read by an all-star cast. some of the people lending their voices to this project is jordin sparks, cody linley, corbin bleu, andrew lawrence and alyson stoner. this would be great for a young teen. i do wish that it was the entire new testament but the book of john is all i have for you. if you wish to purchase the whole thing you can go to lifeway’s site to purchase it. there is also an adult version that you can purchase here.

ok. so here is what you need to do. go to lifeway’s website, browse around and then come back to this post to leave me a comment about what you would order from their store. you will have until dec. 29 at noon to leave a comment. i would end it sooner but i’ll be out of town until then and not sure of my internet access. so, get to it. leave me a comment. and i’ll pick some fun and creative way to pick the winner. i promise it will be random and non-biased. ooh, and if you write a post about it on your own blog, let me know and i’ll give you an extra entry into the contest. YAY!!!!

tacky Christmas outfit

i love the idea of a tacky Christmas sweater party. it’s always a tricky thing though. you really start treading on unsafe waters when you do this b/c you never want to offend anyone. you know? you don’t want to come to a party wearing what you feel is a tacky sweater and then have someone tell you that they actually own the same sweater. or you don’t want to walk up to someone and say “hey, great tacky sweater”, only to have them tell you that they aren’t participating in the tacky sweater festivities. oops. that almost happened to me last week but i think i saved myself. i talk of tacky sweater parties b/c we had something of the sort at our office Christmas party. we actually took it a step further and had a “tacky Christmas OUTFIT” contest. we only had about five or six people participate. but it was fun. i actually made my own outfit:


what you can’t see is my jeans stuffed into my black cowboy boots. the contraption around my waist is a table runner that i bought at family dollar. the bows are actually hot glued onto my shirt. i felt that if anything i should get the “best homemade outfit”. right?
well, there was actually an award for the best tacky outfit. a tacky award:


don’t you love it? kelly made it. we figured the award should be fitting to the contest. okay, so i know the suspense is killing you. drum roll please…………………………….. and the winner is……………………

yep, you got it. it was a tie b/w me and kelly. if you know me at all, you know that i was not happy with a tie. i started to protest but kelly said she didn’t mind sharing and so i of course was not going to act like i felt any differently. a tie? share? what kind of lame contest is that? i kid, i kid. but seriously? just wait until next year……there will be NO tie.

my office

so i have a new phone. it’s a blackjack or crackjack, whichever you prefer. so, you might be seeing more pictures added to my posts b/c i’m a little out of control right now. i thought that today i would show you some pics of my “cubby”. it’s more of a work space b/c it’s bigger than a normal cubicle. it won’t be like this for long. sometime this month we are having some renovations done to our office and i have a feeling our “workspaces” are going to turn in to workholes. i don’t think they are going to be very big. and the walls won’t be as high, which makes me sad. b/c voices already carry so much around here. but, whatev, you do what you gotta do, right? ok, so below are some pics of my workspace.

this is the view from the entrance to my office:

this is the opposite view:

this is my desk:

close-up of desk (see i actually do work):

so there you have it. your life is better b/c you’ve seen my workspace. i’m not sure why, but it is.

secret santa

does anyone else do secret santa at their place of employment? i love secret santa. i think what i like most about it is trying to figure out who has who. well, i’ve had a great secret santa this year. they have showered me with all kinds of goodies. the m&m’s are dark chocolate peanut. omg, they are so good. and there was another candy bar but i’ve already eaten it. i thought i’d share with you what i’ve received so far. it shall be revealed this friday who had who.

what up?

i’ve probably lost all my readers (all four of you) since i haven’t posted since the beginning of october. i’m not really sure how it happened but i apparently decided to take a break from blogging. i haven’t even been on to read other people’s blogs. i kind of became obsessed with it and really needed to back off a little. not much has been going on with me. i was in a wedding yesterday for two of my closest friends. that’s pretty rare, being close with both the bride and groom. and i had some of my closest friends who were in the wedding party with me. super good times. i had MANY favorite moments from the weekend. one of my favorite’s was at the rehearsal dinner when everyone was sharing stories about gulie (gavin & julie). it was heart warming to hear all the different things people had to say about them. that small room was full of a lot of love for those two. and then my other favorite moment is when their parents and a few others gathered around the two of them at the ceremony to pray for them. it really was just a beautiful moment for me. seeing the two families joined in that way. i loved being able to be a witness to that.
i turned 34 today. kind of a weird age. at least i can still say for one more year that i’m in my early 30s. sweet little emma jo called me this morning to sing happy birthday to me. there isn’t anything more precious than having a two-year-old sing to you.
anyways, that’s about all. kind of a boring post but i needed to write something to get me motivated to get back in to it. ttyl.