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want to go to africa?

this video will take you there. when i watched this video it immediately took me there again. my own memories of visiting the churches and listening to the children sing came flooding back when i watched this video. i came across this video over at compassion. i thought it was a great  look in to what our experience was like when we would visit the different churches. at every church we went to the children had planned a song and dance for us. it was one of my favorite parts of the trip. i don’t have my own video footage of our trip but i thought this would give you a good idea of what we were able to experience. at least a little bit of what we experienced. the video was done by bigstuf camps.


from the sidelines

i just finised reading a post titled from the outside looking in over at compassion’s blog. it doesn’t talk about the children who are sponsored through the program. chris talks about the children who aren’t sponsored and what they must be thinking watching the children who are in the program, singing, playing, learning, etc. he has a picture up that shows compassion sponsored children on one side of the fence and unsponsored children on the other. when i read his post i immediately was taken back to my trip to tanzania. one of the images that i can’t get out of my mind is one of about four children standing behind some bushes watching me and my friends play and interact with the children part of compassions program. my heart broke. i wondered what was going through their minds. do they wonder why they can’t wear the same uniforms? do they wonder everyday as they walk past why they can’t go to school and be a part of the child development program? do they wonder when their day will come to be sponsored? this isn’t the best picture but it gives you an idea of what i’m talking about. it’s a picture of one of the boys looking through the bushes.
Tanzania 2009 189

even when we tried to get the children to come play with us, they were very slow to warm up. almost as if they felt that they didn’t belong. by the end of the week, we had connected just as much with them as we did with the children in the program. here is a shot of the same little boy that i took on our last day. he is the second one from the left.
Tanzania 2009 212

i love his smile. doesn’t it just warm your heart?

there are thousands upon thousands of children who are sponsored through compassion. but there are thousands upon thousands of children who are still waiting to be sponsored. one of the things i was told from someone on staff with compassion is that as children are sponsored it allows room for other children to be put on the list to be sponsored. i was already sponsoring a girl from the dominican republic when i went on this trip. i decided to sponsor a boy from tanzania. i wish you all could have been there with me to see first hand why child sponsorship is so important and what it does for these beautiful children. how it gives them a hope that they didn’t have before being sponsored. i just ask you to prayerfully consider becoming a sponsor. if you have questions, i’d be more than happy to talk to you in more detail. and i can promise you that not only will you change a child’s life but your life will also never be the same.

weekend of prayer

compassion is partnering with viva network to unite believers in prayer on behalf of children who are risk around the world. so as you go through your weekend i ask you to join me in praying for children who are having to deal with poverty like you wouldn’t believe. for children who have responsibility of working to help support their families. and if you want, you can sign up to join the prayer partnering network to regularly receive some specific prayer needs. how powerful it will be to have multiples of people praying together for one thing.


i finally did it. i have been praying about it, thinking about it, reading about it. i decided today to sponsor a child from compassion international. her name is estefania. don’t you just love it? it sounds so princess-like. i couldn’t take my eyes off of her eyes. there is an innocence there yet at the same time something tells me she has seen and experienced things a four-year-old shouldn’t have to. one of her responsibilities at home is caring for children. excuse me? she is a child and she’s taking care of children? she does get to attend preschool which i just love. i am very curious as to the condition and quality of the preschool. but at least she’s getting some education. estefania lives in the dominican republic. she lives with her mother and there is no mention of a father or of her mother having any kind of employment. i haven’t received my packet yet but i am so excited to find out more about her.
won’t you prayerfuly consider sponsoring a child?  i would encourage you to go and browse the site. if anything, just browse through the profiles and say some prayers for the children and their families. meanwhile, look at princess estefania. she’s way too cute.