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2011: year of awakening

see ya, wouldn’t want to repeat ya!

that is my sincere, deepest sentiment to the year 2010. at risk of being negative nelly, last year was about all i could handle. it was full of hurt and heartache and loss. but more present than any pain was a peace. a peace that really does pass all understanding. i experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit like i never have before.  and His grace……it really is amazing grace.

the beauty of it all is that it’s these moments i talk about where God moved the most. and He’s just getting started.

“you intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done…” genesis 50:20

to make a long story short (you are welcome), the Lord has shown me in more ways than one that this next year will be a year of transition, a year of awakening. an awakening of dreams that i had forgotten were even there. i still don’t know what it all looks like, which is probably a good thing. but what i do know is that i’m ready. i’ve been asleep for way too long.

“so then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be awake and sober.” 1 thessalonians 5:6

there is a chris tomlin song, fittingly titled “awakening”, that has owned me ever since we started singing it at church:

like the rising sun that shines
from the darkness comes a light
i hear Your voice and this is my

i came across a blog post by ann voskamp where she talked about how she names each year. she says, “i name years like i’ve named babies because each one births a different life that needs to be raised up and remembered.” that post was one of the most beautiful things i’ve read in a long time. so, i decided to start naming my years. hence the title of this post. 2011 is the year of awakening for me. i am uber excited about what the Lord has in store for not only me but for you as well.

so i’m curious, what are you naming 2011?


eyewitness account of a mircale

(this is part of positive post tuesday)

if you saw the title and got all excited b/c you thought you would be reading about someone getting healed or someone being raised from the dead, i apologize. actually, i don’t apologize b/c the miracle i’m going to talk about is a pretty big deal. in my opinion. when i was at the beach over memorial day weekend i got to witness a true miracle marriage. as i mentioned in a previous post, i went to the beach with misty, her husband scott, thier two children, eli and emma, and misty’s mother, jo margaret (she hates it when i call her that). scott’s parents and his brother’s family were also there. misty and scott have been married for 9 years. i can remember when they first started dating. i love watching two people in the beginning stages of their relationship. b/c everything is great and they are all googely eyes over each other and just so smitten with each other. well, i hope misty and scott won’t mind me sharing this. the past couple of years haven’t been great for them as far as their relationship is concerned. i guess you could say they hit some “rough waters”. i can’t tell you how much prayer i’ve put in for these two. and i hate to admit it but i really was doubting whether they would make it. i guess about a month or two ago misty shared with me that things had turned around and they were doing great. but you just never know until you can see it first hand. one of my prayers for them was that God would remind them of why they fell in love in the first place. and that He would help them fall back in love. one of the things that bothered me about their relationship was that they clearly didn’t respect each other. and i felt that they both were focused on what the other person could do for them instead of what they could do for each other. well let me just say that misty wasn’t kidding when she said that her and scott were doing better. it was like watching them when they first fell in love. actually, if i’m really honest, i’ve never witnessed them like this. it was almost to the point that you might thinkg, “gah, y’all are making me sick”. but i was so ecstatic that i loved watching them. i’ve never seen them treat each other the way they did. i really believe that the Lord just stepped in and turned things around b/c there are no other explanations for how different their marriage is. and not only do i love it for them but what a great example they are setting for their children as well. they have made a conscious effort to make their relationship work. i am not married so i can only speculate at how hard it can be to be married. i believe that it’s work. i think if you get married and think it’s going to be a cake walk you are sadly disillusioned. i’m super excited for them and their family. i know you might be reading this and think it’s not that big of a deal but it is. marriage is a miracle anyway and to see first hand this marriage be turned around. i thank the Lord that He cared enough for them to step in and literally save their marriage.  misty and scott, thank you for the example you have set for me and others. i love y’all.

what about it, y’all have anything to add to positive post tuesday?

whats happenin’

it’s been a few days since i’ve posted anything. it’s definitely not for the lack of having stuff to write about. but trying to find the time. i have several things that have happened over the past few days or things that i’ve thought about that could potentially be different posts but i’m going to combine them all in one. which will probably give me nothing to write about for another week, but whatev.

bibb county: i went “home” to bibb county friday night. it was misty’s birthday and her son, eli, had a ballgame that night. misty is my best friend from way back in high school. gosh, it’s been 16 years since we graced the halls of bchs. can you believe it misty? it really does seem just like yesterday. i would have never made it through my last two years without you. i’m so very thankful for our friendship and the relationship i have with your family. love you du. ok, so anyway, like i was saying, i went to centreville friday night. i swung by and picked up dixie from daddy’s house and she went to the game with me. it’s so fun watching five and six year olds playing baseball. there was one little fella who was so short and stubby. i loved watching him book it around the bases. eli was so cute. everytime he did something he would look over to where we were all sitting to wave at us.  making sure we saw him. and of course there is sweet little emma jo, eli’s sister. deep down i know she loves me. but the second i reach out my arms to pick her up she shys away. and thats ok. maybe if i came around more she would be use to me. eli was the same way. through out the game emma and i had a long distance thing going on. anytime she did something she would look at me and laugh or smile but no physical contact whatsoever. those two kids. i think there is a special place in my heart that beats just for them. i also saw a few people from high school while i was at the ball park. its just weird. and then there were people who are younger than me who had kids playing on eli’s team. again, weird. after the game we were all standing around about to go eat dinner for misty’s bday when emma decided to perform a balancing act on a beam and lost. she dove head first onto the concrete. the first sound i hear is here head hitting the concrete (i still can’t get it out of my mind) and then i hear the sound of misty’s video camera hitting the concrete as she dives for emma. emma ended up being ok. i wouldn’t be surprised if she has a scar but she needed no stitches. and bless little eli’s heart, he was so worried about her. eli rode with dixie and i to the restaurant where i had the best burger i’ve had in a really long time. after dinner, dixie and i went back to daddy’s. i ended up staying the night and then headed back to birmingham the next day.

dominoes:  there is a new game i’m addicted to. and when i say new game,  i mean new as in newly addicted to, not newly as in i’ve never played before. i was first introduced to this game i believe by karol hobbs. i think. but i was reintroduced to it at the beach a few weeks ago and it’s all i want to play. i got together with a few people saturday night to play. i never win at this game. and i’ve learned that only a few people, like 5 or 6, can play at a time. b/c if you play with too many people, there is too much talking going on and it takes FOREVER to get through one round. oh, the name of the game is mexican trash train. played with dominoes. i love it. wanna play?

mothers day:  like i do every sunday, i went to tuscaloosa for church. i got there, set up the rooms, taught in the preschool room, packed everything back up and then headed back to birmingham. i can’t tell you the last time i was upset on mothers day. but for some reason, this was a hard one for me. i really struggled. most of you know that my stepmom died when i was in high school. so its been a long time since i’ve had a mother in my life. and it’s definitely something i don’t get upset about anymore. not usually. but sunday was a tough one. and i still am not sure why. but i’m good now 🙂 i did get to attend the service sunday night and was very blessed by it. the video that they put together was precious. i think my favorite was when joseph said he loves to kiss his mom’s cheeks. love it.

sunday night:  we didn’t do our normal dollar movie on sunday night. well, i didn’t go. i’m not sure if everyone else did or not. i ended up staying at home and listening to a message online from bob johnson. his brother, bill, is the pastor of bethel church out in redding, california. if you ever have a chance to listen to any of bill’s messages, do so. they will change your life. bob’s message was titled “does god have a back up plan?” some people have the idea that if we screw up enough times that God will find someone else to do what He planned for us to do. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard that statement. and i believed it. i was a believer that if i “stray” from His path enough times that He will change the plan for my life. He’ll find someone else who is willing to do what He originally planned and then give me something else to do. i’m not so sure i believe that anymore. His Word says that He will complete the work in my that He started. i can’t explain it the way bob did, but i was so encouraged when he finished. i believe that Gods plan is always the same, it just might take me longer to get there b/c of me. but i don’t think God changed His plan.

what do you think?