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terrific t.v.

can “lost” get any better yet more confusing at the same time? i love it. i just wish it was a book that i could read. this way i could go back and read past pages to try and figure out what the crap is going on. but i love it. when the show is over i plan on renting it from the beginning and watching them straight through. but will the appeal still be there? i don’t know. let’s talk a little about this past week’s episode, “he’s our you”. i thought this episode would be about sawyer. i felt that thet title illuded to the fact that sawyer is to dharma what jack was to the losties. but whatev. i still don’t really get the title but i love the sayid story. how sad did sayid look when ben told him that it was over? “you’re a free man”. it was like sayid was lost (pun intended). he didn’t know anything else but to kill. ben tells sayid that he can go live his life. and then we find him working for an organization called “build your world”.  i loved the drug induced sayid. i want to see more of that sayid. he was funny. so how about the ending? SPOILER ALERT…….i just wasn’t expecting sayid to shoot little ben. do you think little ben is really dead? i don’t. i think the others will find him and nurse him back to health and then the rest is history. ben knew he had to create this “killer sayid” for him to get shot as a boy so that things would unfold. AHHH. it’s all crazy. there are so many theories and thoughts out there. my favortie to read is doc jensen’s over at ew.com. he has some out there ideas and i love every one of them. i could never think of these theories on my own. which is why he has his blog on entertainment weekly and mine is a free one over here at wordpress. if you get a chance go and take a gander at his thoughts. very interesting. well, i already can’t wait until next week. when are they going to tell us about what happened to aaron?? and is penny dead? where is desmond? so many questions……