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2011: year of awakening

see ya, wouldn’t want to repeat ya!

that is my sincere, deepest sentiment to the year 2010. at risk of being negative nelly, last year was about all i could handle. it was full of hurt and heartache and loss. but more present than any pain was a peace. a peace that really does pass all understanding. i experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit like i never have before.  and His grace……it really is amazing grace.

the beauty of it all is that it’s these moments i talk about where God moved the most. and He’s just getting started.

“you intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done…” genesis 50:20

to make a long story short (you are welcome), the Lord has shown me in more ways than one that this next year will be a year of transition, a year of awakening. an awakening of dreams that i had forgotten were even there. i still don’t know what it all looks like, which is probably a good thing. but what i do know is that i’m ready. i’ve been asleep for way too long.

“so then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be awake and sober.” 1 thessalonians 5:6

there is a chris tomlin song, fittingly titled “awakening”, that has owned me ever since we started singing it at church:

like the rising sun that shines
from the darkness comes a light
i hear Your voice and this is my

i came across a blog post by ann voskamp where she talked about how she names each year. she says, “i name years like i’ve named babies because each one births a different life that needs to be raised up and remembered.” that post was one of the most beautiful things i’ve read in a long time. so, i decided to start naming my years. hence the title of this post. 2011 is the year of awakening for me. i am uber excited about what the Lord has in store for not only me but for you as well.

so i’m curious, what are you naming 2011?