i heart etsy

thanks to ohamanda i am now officially addicted to etsy. have you heard of it? have you been to it? girls, trust me. you will love this website. it is all things cute and handmade. it’s kind of like ebay but you don’t bid on items, you just buy them. and there is something of everything. there are 30 main categories to choose from but then each main category has many sub-categories under them. i’ve already begun making a wish list. i also have my eye on a few things that i’d like to buy as gifts. i would absolutely love this dress but it’s sold out. i for sure have fallen in love with this necklace. i mean, come one….that’s cute. if i had this apron i just might cook more. and for all of my many travels this passport wallet could come in handy. i know you all are itchin’ to get on over to the website and do some of your own browsing. what am i saying? you probably never came back after the first click. enjoy!!


3 responses to “i heart etsy

  1. etsy is so addicting b/c there’s just so much! i really want this necklace:
    (Jillian from The Bachelorette wore one!)

  2. oh ashley, that IS a cute necklace.

  3. glad to have brought you into the church of etsy!

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